Fast Acting Liquid Harmony 450mg THC Beverage Enhancer


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What are Water Soluble Cannabinoids?

Water soluble cannabinoids are products that are made through an emulsion process that encapsulates the oil molecule. This encapsulation process yields a product that can be mixed into any beverage and be instantly transformed into an infused beverage!

Because of highly advanced process, cannabinoids in this form are more bioavailable. This means that you will start to feel the effects extremely fast in comparison to a traditional gummy.

This allows you to turn tea, coffee, soda, kombucha, club soda, juices, milks, or anything your mind can think of into a medicinally infused beverage.

Liquid Harmony

450mg THC/ Total in Bottle

12.5mg THC/ Per Teaspoon

36 Servings

Start with no more than a half Teaspoon on your first dose (6.25mg THC)

Natural Flavor

6oz Bottle

Hemp Derived 0.3% THC

Rapid 2min-15min Onset

Unlike other THC products on the market made from converting CBD isolate to THC synthetically, the THC we use is 100% naturally made from the plant.


Distilled Water, Hemp Derived Extract, Sodium Benzoate

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