CBD for Pets

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CBD Products For Dogs

Many new customers may worry about whether Pet CBD oil is safe to buy online. Fear not, however! All of our CBD products for dogs are made from 100% hemp sourced CBD oil meaning that they are federally legal to buy in all 50 states, unlike marijuana sourced CBD products which are only legal in some states.

Is CBD oil for pets safe?

Absolutely! Hemp sourced pet CBD oil is 100% safe. While marijuana is toxic to dogs and other animals, hemp is completely non-toxic for pets so you can purchase with complete peace of mind.

How can my pet benefit from CBD oil?

Many of our customers all over the country report that CBD benefits their pets, particularly their dogs, with a range of conditions. With a supply of CBD dog treats and pet CBD oil in the pantry, they report their pets feeling ease from the pain of arthritis, ease irritable bowels, combat bacterial infections, ease fearfulness and anxiety in their furry companions. A veterinarian who uses our product reports great results with her patients who have early dementia, or arthritic pain from old age. We hear stories of how dogs are able to jump on the couch again after a steady protocol of CBD. However, we all know how tricky it can be to make your pets take anything that’s good for them. The good news is that there is a range of ways in which you can administer CBD oil for pets…

Feed them CBD dog treats

Delicious CBD dog treats are probably our most popular medium for CBD oil for dogs. And it’s not hard to see why. Formulated alongside leading vets, our beef flavored CBD dog treats are designed to be delicious and nourishing. They’re also an easy way for your four-legged friends to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil for pets.

Give them a few drops of tincture

Tasty treats aren’t the only way your pet can enjoy CBD oil for dogs. We also sell an unflavored oil, also known as tincture in the CBD industry. A few CBD drops under the tongue or in their food and your pet can enjoy the pain relieving anti-inflammatory effects in minutes. CBD drops are easy to administer and because they are flavorless they won’t provoke the same reaction as pharmaceutical meds.

Massage CBD oil for pets into sore skin or tired joints

As well as edible CBD products for dogs and orally administered CBD drops, your pet can also benefit from massage with CBD oils. Topically administered our pet-loving customers find that our CBD oil for dogs helps provide relief for musculoskeletal ailments and inflammatory skin conditions.

Who says that humans should be the only ones to enjoy the natural benefits of CBD oil?